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PhilNov 9, 2023 11:18:26 AM< 1 min read

STAXS® Corporate Video

Discover the essence of innovation and passion in the STAXS® corporate video! Dive deep ...
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Matt CokelyOct 24, 2023 1:50:38 PM3 min read

The pain of change: Could suppliers be part of the cure?

The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries rank amongst some of the most highly ...
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Tim SandleAug 23, 2023 1:46:23 PM< 1 min read

White Paper: Sock to Sock

The current EU GMP Annex 1 includes a new requirement for cleanroom socks. This addition ...
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PhilMay 10, 2023 12:18:58 PM< 1 min read

DOTCH® Second Life

Sustainability and social impact are at the center of what we do. Our contribution ...
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Johan-Detlef DubbelboerApr 5, 2023 4:48:04 PM< 1 min read

STAXS® Sustainability Report 2022

Johan-Detlef Dubbelboer CEO STAXS® Another year on our journey toward “STAXS®️ Pink ...
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PhilMar 10, 2023 4:17:53 PM1 min read

STAXS® Facility Expansion Update

STAXS® A big step. Without leaving a footprint! The first phase of the expansion of our ...
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PhilMar 2, 2023 2:24:42 PM< 1 min read

STAXS® Pink Planet in action

STAXS® Pink planet in action... In 2023 full electrical or plug-in hybrid electric cars ...
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PhilFeb 16, 2023 4:19:00 PM< 1 min read

Recycling DOTCH® PP disposables

STAXS® Pink is green
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Hugo CorstjensFeb 6, 2023 3:13:33 PM< 1 min read


Whenever spills or contamination occurs in a cleanroom environment, staff must have ...
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Tim SandleOct 13, 2022 4:00:00 PM2 min read

Necessity of cleanroom socks for cleanroom entry

Most of the microbial contamination within the pharmaceutical facility can be traced to ...
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