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STAXS® Pink Planet

STAXS® Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability commitment for STAXS® means that by working differently we want to tackle climate change and scarcity of goods, while doing this we also want to promote a better life
This is mapped out and monitored within the STAXS® Pink Planet project, which ensures that the vision of STAXS® is converted into concrete actions.


STAXS® Pink Planet ensures that we focus our efforts on the areas where sustainable solutions have the most impact,
both directly and indirectly and also fully in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Giving our products a

Second life

Through STAXS® Pink Planet, we focus our efforts on the areas where sustainable solutions have the most impact. This includes the responsibility of making sure our products find a new purpose after they’ve served yours.

Click here to watch a video about DOTCH® Second Life

The end is just the beginning

We’ve been developing a DOTCH® recycled product portfolio. We’re also intensifying our partnerships with our customers and key players, to create a circular way of doing business and make sure our DOTCH® products are recycled. And last, but certainly not least, we’re making sure that recycling is embedded by design in our R&D procedures

Collecting & Recycling

We want to make it easy for you to help us to recycle our products and contribute to your company’s sustainability goals at the same time. Simply by having you collect the used consumables in a used box, attach our recycling label and sent them back to STAXS®. We will make sure together with our local recycling partners that the DOTCH® products will get recycled and start their second life.

Transformation & Upcycling

The DOTCH® consumables integrated in the second life program are transformed into raw materials and given a new life as a new resource for a whole range of materials. We’re also currently working on adding other materials to our second life program and we hope you’ll join us on our sustainable journey. Let’s make a difference together!

Sustainability Report 2023

We are thrilled to unveil our Sustainability Report for the year 2023! 

At STAXS®, sustainability isn't just a goal; it's our commitment to creating positive change for our planet and communities.

Join us as we dive into the highlights of our sustainability journey, showcasing the initiatives, innovations, and partnerships that have propelled us forward in our mission to make a meaningful difference.


STAXS® focuses on 6 of the 17

Clearly defined programs and actions organized around 6 key goals from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


STAXS® sustainability commitment goes further than just reducing our environmental impact.

it’s about:

  • Creating a better life for employees and the society.

  • A better more sustainable and responsible capitalism.

  • Lower customer’s climate impact along the value chain.

Our actions on


  • 100% green energy
  • LED Lightning in warehouse
  • Less travel, focus on home office
  • Cleaner cars
  • Maximum valorisation of waste
  • Recycling of our products
Our actions on


  • Improve quality of life for all (employees and external)
  • No gender discrimination male/female ratio 56%/44%
  • Development opportunities
  • Opportunities for interns
  • E-learning
  • ETI (Ethical trading initiative)
Our actions on


  • Anti-corruption & bribery policy and training
  • Supplier code of conduct
  • Whistle-blower policy
  • Data protection