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Your partner in contamination control.


Our company philosophy revolves around one question: "how can our work make a difference?” For over 30 years, this simple question, along with scientific rigor, has pushed us to innovate, to listen and develop the curiosity to learn, adapt and grow. Our customers take the center stage and we help them make a difference, with the highest quality products and services in contamination control.

Dedicated service

Dedicated service

With more than 30 years of expertise, STAXS® stays at the forefront of contamination control in cleanrooms. Our experts aim to provide the most efficient, targeted and tailored response to any client issue.

Scientific credibility

Scientific credibility

We strive to offer the most dependable solutions to the market. Every product of our DOTCH® range has been tested up to the highest threshold. Each claim is scientifically demonstrated and we don't allow any space for the slightest doubt.

Innovation & teamwork

Innovation & teamwork

STAXS®, as an organization, is all about strong collaborations and combining the talent, know-how and expertise of our whole team. We encourage entrepreneurial behavior and invention within our organization, both in how we can adapt a process to fit all the legal requirements, as well as adding new products to our range. Each and every client issue becomes an opportunity for innovation.


  • 1995 - STAXS® FOUNDED

    STAXS® was founded in The Netherlands in 1995. The core focus of the company was the supply of cleanroom consumables to the pharmaceutical industry.

    Following requests from customers for solutions that were not available on the market, the company started to develop new products. This has been the birth of the DOTCH® brand.

  • Heerenveen

    2000 - HEERENVEEN

    In Heerenveen, The Netherlands, a cleanroom facility was built to concentrate in-house the cleanroom processing of the DOTCH® products ensuring quality control by STAXS® own QA department.

    To cope with growing demand for the DOTCH® range of products a cooperation has been established with long-standing Chinese manufacturing partners. This partnership guarantees the control over the entire supply chain. The company is proud of this partnership that lasts for more than 20 years already.
  • 2010 - STAXS®

    STAXS® was created in 2010 through a merger of CCS and TAC.

    These companies shared a common trait which lives on at STAXS®: a passion for developing and marketing new products that contribute to progress in cleanroom technology. Building on this heritage, today STAXS® focuses its innovation prowess on addressing the unmet needs of customers in Europe.

    At the same time the expansion of the central warehouse in Heerenveen was carried out, doubling the capacity in order to enable increased safety stock levels.

  • STAXS gevelverlichting Niel 3

    2017 - NIEL (BE)

    For STAXS®, the time had come to expand and grow in Europe and to unleash a profound change in the sales strategy.  STAXS®, with its active presence in Europe, is working to enhance the reputation and visibility of the DOTCH® brand.

    New Belgian offices
    To accommodate the continuous growth of the staff, the Belgium office was moved into a dedicated STAXS® office in Niel (Antwerp region).

  • Syringe Sterile copy-1


    The certification of the DOTCH® syringes range as medical devices marks STAXS® entry into a new sector. In addition to supplying sterile syringe packs to pharmaceutical companies and hospital pharmacies STAXS® also provide in-depth product information in line with the medical device regulations.
  • 2019 - AUTOMATION

    The introduction of automated packing lines allowed STAXS® to further increase output efficiency and quality by even more standardization and optimization of the packaging processes.

    To maximize the automated packing lines STAXS® has introduced the 3rd automated packing line in order to keep up with the increased demand and to furthermore optimize and expand the packaging processes.
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    STAXS® invests at the Heerenveen location. The central warehouse will be enlarged to support the customer needs for increased stock levels. Also the expansion of the cleanrooms is being planned for 2023 to meet the increased demand for DOTCH® products. This investment will not only enable STAXS® to pursue its growth strategy and develop new products, but also strengthen its standing in Europe.

    See the video below for a visual representation.

  • qualitycolor

    2022 - HANIEL

    STAXS®’s next step in serving unmet needs of cleanroom customers across Europe.

    Haniel portfolio company CWS Cleanrooms acquires majority in STAXS®. STAXS® will represent the Cleanroom Consumables platform and continue to service its customers as a separate company.
    “With this acquisition, we are further expanding our international portfolio of services for our customers in the highly specialized cleanroom segment. Together with the existing management team, we will continue to expand the positioning of CWS Cleanrooms in Europe”, says Markus Schad, Managing Director CWS Cleanrooms.
    Johan-Detlef Dubbelboer, CEO of STAXS® stated: “We look forward to a bright future within the Haniel Group as we embark on our next stage of development.”

    enkelfähig – creating value for generations

    Click here to visit Haniel website.

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    The expansion of our facility in Heerenveen is finished and we started using our new facility.

    • We doubled the size our facility
    • We doubled the number of loading docks.
    • We tripled the pallet space

    At the same time we reduced our carbon footprint. How?

    • The new building is heated by heatpumps right from the start
    • We upgraded the existing facility to be heated by heatpumps as well
    • All of this is powered by fossil free (green) electricity

    We’re excited to have everything in place to grow our company in the most sustainable way possible. We’re ready for the future. It’s bright and it’s pink. Let’s make a difference together.

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    STAXS® has earned a 𝗣𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝘂𝗺 𝗠𝗲𝗱𝗮𝗹, a recognition awarded to the Top 1% of companies assessed by EcoVadis. It reflects the quality of our sustainability management system and demonstrates a commitment to promoting transparency throughout the value chain.