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Cleanroom Wipes

Why choose DOTCH® Cleanroom wipes
from STAXS®?

At STAXS®, we know that maintaining a controlled or sterile environment is critical to your operations. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of Cleanroom Wipes designed to meet your specific cleaning and disinfection needs. Understanding these needs STAXS® developed its own DOTCH® range of cleanroom wipes. With a focus on scientific credibility, sustainability, and efficiency, DOTCH® Cleanroom Wipes are the ideal choice for industries that demand uncompromising cleanliness.

Cleanroom Wipes

Applications of Our Cleanroom Wipes

Selecting the right cleanroom wipe is crucial to ensure optimal cleaning and disinfection without introducing contaminants. Our wipes cater to a wide range of applications, including:

  • Surface Cleaning:
    Removing soiling, particulates, and liquids without surface abrasion.
  • Disinfection:
    Effective elimination of microorganisms and pathogens.

When choosing a wipe, consider the composition, structure, and cleanliness to prevent any unintended contamination. DOTCH® Cleanroom Wipes excel in these aspects, delivering consistent and reliable results.

Cleanroom Wipes

The importance of the correct parameters

When selecting the ideal wipe, consider two key factors: cleanliness and performance. 
Cleanliness of the cleanroom wipe depends on material type, structure, and finishing, with synthetic fibers, woven structures, and ultrasonic edges signifying superior cleanliness. 
Performance of the cleanroom wipe involves even liquid distribution (for disinfection) or residue removal (for cleaning). Wipes, like polyester for disinfection and microfiber for cleaning, have distinct strengths. We'll help you find the perfect wipe for your specific task

Cleanroom wipes

Selecting the right Cleanroom wipe for the job

We offer a variety of cleanroom wipes, each designed for specific tasks while adhering to cleanroom contamination practices:

  1. DOTCH® Microfiber NW Wipe:
    Crafted from a microfiber blend of polyester and polyamide, this wipe is adept at capturing dirt and contamination, ensuring thorough cleaning.
  2. DOTCH® NW Wipes:
    Combining polyester and cellulose, these wipes excel in moisture retention, making them perfect for tasks requiring high absorbency and keeping their strength even when wet.
  3. DOTCH® Puru® Microfiber Wipe:
    Manufactured from knitted microfiber polyester/polyamide, this cleanroom laundered wipe effectively absorbs and retains dirt and liquids, with minimal particle shedding.
  4. DOTCH® Puru® Seal Wipe:
    Made from 100% knitted polyester, this cleanroom laundered wipe is ideal for disinfection purposes, boasting ultrasonically sealed edges to prevent particle shedding.
  5. DOTCH® Puru® Highsorb Wipe:
    Comprising two absorbent knitted layers of 100% polyester, this cleanroom laundered wipe is a reliable choice for efficient disinfection.

DOTCH® Puru® Seal Wipes are also available in a more sustainable version manufactured from recycled polyester, enhancing our commitment to sustainable practices.

Ecolab® Life Sciences Impregnated Wipes

Introducing Ecolab® Life Sciences impregnated wipes, crafted with a range of cleaning and disinfecting agents, including IPA, KSEP, Ethanol,... These wipes are purpose-built to deliver targeted cleaning and disinfection solutions in sensitive environments, making them exceptionally suited for critical applications in healthcare, biotechnology, and other life science industries.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Application: Pre-impregnated for convenience, these wipes offer consistency in disinfection protocols, simplifying your processes.
  • Rigorous Quality: Ecolab® Life Sciences impregnated wipes are manufactured to meet and exceed stringent industry standards, guaranteeing reliable and effective performance, all while prioritizing sterility.
Cleanroom wipes
STAXS® Pink Planet

Sustainability at the Heart of STAXS®

STAXS® prioritizes sustainability in its products. We believe in not just elevating cleanroom practices, but also in minimizing our environmental footprint. Our DOTCH® Cleanroom Wipes are designed with this ethos in mind. It includes the responsibility of making sure our products find a new purpose after they’ve served yours.

STAXS® Second life: STAXS® embraces sustainability in its core values. Even the DOTCH® cleanroom wipes can find a second life. Our STAXS® second life program offers a recycling avenue for our products, ensuring they don't end up as waste.

By choosing DOTCH® Cleanroom wipes, you're not just investing in your cleanroom's contamination control; you're also contributing to a cleaner, sustainable future.


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