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Cleanroom Socks

Why choose DOTCH® Cleanroom socks from STAXS®?

Microorganisms are ubiquitous, varying in abundance and diversity across the human body. One area notorious for high microbial concentration is the human foot. The EU GMP Annex 1 now mandates cleanroom socks before entering changing rooms leading to cleanrooms, addressing the challenge posed by bare feet and regular socks.

Elevating Contamination Control

Humans stand as a significant source of contamination in cleanroom environments. The preservation of cleanroom conditions demands precision in every aspect, including cleanroom garments. DOTCH® Cleanroom Socks are more than just footwear; they are an innovative solution to prevent the introduction of viable and non-viable particles – such as bacteria, yeast, dead skin cells, and hair – into the environment.
Cleanroom socks, often overlooked, play a pivotal role in minimizing particle dispersion and microbial contamination.

DOTCH® Cleanroom Socks align with Annex 1 expectations. Elevate cleanroom control, mitigate contamination risks, and uphold regulatory compliance with our specialized cleanroom sock solutions.
Our range of specialized cleanroom socks offers advanced protection for your cleanroom environment, ensuring that your compliance efforts extend to every aspect of your operations.


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Unmatched Features

DOTCH® Cleanroom Socks by STAXS® set a new standard with an array of features:

  • Engineered for comfort and functionality
  • Available in Two Lengths:
    Tailored options to accommodate various preferences and requirements.
  • Available in Normal and Wider Fit:
    Ensures that everyone finds a comfortable and suitable fit.
  • One Size Fits All:
    Simplifying the selection process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

An Integral Part of Cleanroom Practice

In accordance with Annex 1, the utilization of cleanroom socks is crucial, particularly in cleanroom grade C and B environments. These socks provide an additional layer of protection against contamination and play a pivotal role in contamination control.

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Sustainability at the Heart of STAXS®

At STAXS®, sustainability is woven into every fiber of our philosophy. We believe in not just elevating cleanroom practices, but also in minimizing our environmental footprint. Our DOTCH® Cleanroom Socks are designed with this ethos in mind. It includes the responsibility of making sure our products find a new purpose after they’ve served yours.

STAXS® Second life: STAXS® embraces sustainability in its core values. Even the DOTCH® cleanroom socks can find a second life. Our STAXS® second life program offers a recycling avenue for our products, ensuring they don't end up as waste. By choosing DOTCH® Cleanroom Socks, you're not just investing in your cleanroom's contamination control; you're also contributing to a cleaner, sustainable future.


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Trust STAXS® to lead the way in elevating cleanroom Contamination Control, sustainability and comfort