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Cleanroom Mops

Why choose DOTCH® Cleanroom mops from STAXS®?

At STAXS® we know that a controlled or sterile environment is critical to your operations.
The DOTCH® Cleanroom mops are designed to elevate your cleaning and disinfection regime. With a focus on scientific credibility, sustainability and efficiency, STAXS® offers a range of cleanroom mops perfectly fitted for contamination control practices.

Elevating Contamination Control
Mops are the frontline defenders, physically removing contamination. It's crucial to choose wisely, considering factors like compatibility with disinfectants, coverage, cleanliness, and more.

Available in Non-Sterile and Validated Sterile:
Tailored to meet your contamination control needs with options for different cleanroom requirements.



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Applications of Our Cleanroom Mops

The DOTCH® Cleanroom mops find their role across various industries. Cleaning and disinfection are key components of contamination control strategies, and our mops are tailored to suit different cleanroom grades and objectives.

  • DOTCH® Skar Mop: Crafted from viscose/polyester, this cleanroom mop excels in moisture release but also in the absorption of detergents and disinfectants, ensuring optimal performance alongside the DOTCH® Cleaning Trolley.
  • DOTCH® Puru® Microfiber Mop: Engineered with microfiber polyester, this cleanroom mop's superior particle removal and retention capabilities make it ideal for thorough cleaning.
  • DOTCH® Puru® Highsorb Mop: Made of 100% polyester, this cleanroom-laundered mop minimizes particles and fibers, making it perfect for disinfection tasks.
Cleanroom Wipes

The Importance of Validated Sterile Cleanroom Mops

In the controlled environment of cleanrooms, maintaining sterility and preventing contamination is non-negotiable. At STAXS®, we recognize that one of the key tools in achieving this level of cleanliness is the use of validated sterile cleanroom mops. These mops aren't just accessories; they're an essential part of your cleanroom contamination control strategy.

Cleanroom wipes

Why Validated Sterile Cleanroom Mops Matter

  1. Precision Cleaning: Cleanroom mops undergo rigorous validation to ensure their compatibility with cleanroom environments. Their design, materials, and construction are crafted to prevent particle shedding and microbial contamination, enabling you to achieve precision cleaning results.
  2. Risk Mitigation: Contaminants within cleanrooms can disrupt processes, compromise product quality, and even lead to costly setbacks. Validated sterile mops minimize the risk of introducing external pollutants, safeguarding your cleanroom's integrity and the products manufactured within.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Cleanroom operations often fall under stringent regulatory frameworks. Validated sterile mops align with these regulations, contributing to your compliance efforts and providing documented assurance of your commitment to maintaining a sterile environment.
  4. Consistency and Reproducibility: Validated sterile mops are engineered to provide consistent and reproducible cleaning outcomes. This reliability ensures that your cleanroom remains at the required cleanliness levels throughout various cleaning cycles.
  5. Partnering with Success: By choosing validated sterile cleanroom mops, you're partnering with a commitment to excellence. In an effort uphold it’s principle of scientific credibility DOTCH® brings you mops that are backed by industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a dedication to upholding the highest cleanroom standards.

STAXS®: Elevating Cleanroom cleanliness

At STAXS®, we understand the critical role that cleanroom mops play in ensuring the success of your cleanroom operations. Our selection of cleanroom mops from our own brand DOTCH® is designed to meet the demands of diverse industries and cleanroom classifications. Whether you're in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics, or any other sector, STAXS® has the cleanroom mop you need.

Discover the Difference
Elevate your cleanroom cleaning operations with STAXS® and our range of cleanroom mops. Achieve uncompromising cleanliness, mitigate contamination risks, and uphold the standards that your industry demands.

Precision, Protection, and Peace of Mind — STAXS® delivers validated sterile cleanroom mops for your assured success.

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Sustainability at the Heart of STAXS®

At STAXS®, we believe in sustainability as a guiding principle. Our DOTCH® Cleanroom mops are designed not only to enhance your cleanroom operations but also to minimize environmental impact. 

But that's not all – our commitment extends beyond the initial use of our products. Through our STAXS® Second Life Program, we provide a sustainable solution for your cleanroom mops. When your DOTCH® Cleanroom mops have fulfilled their primary purpose, they don't become waste. With the Second Life Program, they become part of a new cycle. 


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Trust STAXS® to lead the way in elevating contamination control, sustainability, and performance.