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Cleanroom Goggles

Why choose DOTCH® Cleanroom goggles from STAXS®?

In the world of cleanrooms, precision, validated sterility, and clarity play a crucial role. Presenting the groundbreaking DOTCH® Cleanroom goggles –  designed to enhance your cleanroom experience. With a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability, STAXS® offers a range of cleanroom goggles that incorporate advanced technology and sustainable practices.

Elevating Cleanroom Safety and Sterility

Ensuring the integrity of your cleanroom is a top priority. According to EU Annex 1, sterile face masks and eye coverings are essential to prevent the shedding of droplets and particulates. Our DOTCH® Cleanroom goggles fulfill this requirement, offering a validated sterile solution (SAL 10-6) that guarantees the utmost in cleanliness.


Cleanroom Goggles

Unparalleled Features

DOTCH® Cleanroom goggles come equipped with a suite of features that set them apart:

  • Validated Sterile (SAL 10-6): Trust in the highest level of sterility assurance to maintain the controlled conditions of your cleanroom.
  • Anti-Fog Coating: Bid farewell to fogging issues – our goggles feature an advanced anti-fog coating for uninterrupted visibility.
  • CE Category II (PPER): Compliant with stringent safety standards, our goggles provide reliable eye protection for your cleanroom personnel.
  • Perfect Field of View: Unparalleled visual clarity with our goggles, ensuring efficient and accurate work in your cleanroom environment
Dotch Cleanroom Goggles

Applications of our DOTCH® Cleanroom Goggles

DOTCH® Cleanroom goggles find their niche across various industries, but they are truly the ultimate goggles for the pharmaceutical sector. Designed to meet the high standards of this field, our goggles ensure optimal vision, comfort, and protection.

STAXS Cleanroom Goggles
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Sustainability at the Heart of STAXS®

At STAXS®, sustainability isn't an afterthought; it's at the core of our product design.
Our DOTCH® Cleanroom goggles not only enhance your cleanroom operations but also minimize their environmental impact. 

But that's not all – our commitment extends beyond the initial use of our products.
Through our STAXS® Second Life Programme, we provide a sustainable solution for your cleanroom equipment.
When your DOTCH® Cleanroom goggles have fulfilled their primary purpose, they don't become waste. With the Second Life Programme, they become part of a new cycle. 

With STAXS®, your cleanroom operations don't just benefit from the excellence of our cleanroom goggles; they also align with a sustainable future through our innovative Second Life Programme. Elevate your cleanroom experience while making a meaningful impact on the planet.

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Trust STAXS® to lead the way in elevating cleanroom Contamination Control, sustainability and comfort