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Cleanroom Garments

Why Choose Cleanroom Garments by STAXS®?

Elevate Your Cleanroom Environment, unlock a new era of cleanliness and precision with STAXS® Cleanroom Garments. Dive into a world where innovation meets protection, and where every fiber is designed to safeguard your processes and products. Explore why STAXS® is your ultimate choice for advanced ccontamination control solutions.

Elevating Cleanroom Excellence

Unveiling Unmatched Protection and Comfort
When it comes to cleanroom garments, the choice of materials is a strategic decision.
STAXS® recognizes that human presence can introduce contaminants that jeopardize your products, processes, and the working environment. Beyond protection, we prioritize operator comfort, enabling seamless workflow without garment-induced limitations.

Redefining Cleanroom Standards
In the realm of controlled environments, humans are the primary sources of contamination. Ensuring utmost purity necessitates forward-thinking cleanroom garments. Annex 1 emphasizes the pivotal role of suitable clothing in safeguarding processes and working areas, preventing product contamination. At STAXS®, we rise to this challenge by delivering visionary cleanroom solutions that set new benchmarks for quality and cleanliness.

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Materials that Matter: Elevating Cleanroom Performance and Comfort

In the pursuit of optimal cleanroom performance, every choice matters – especially when it comes to materials. At STAXS®, we offer a diverse array of cleanroom garment options, each crafted from materials that contribute to both exceptional cleanliness and operator comfort.  Explore our range, including PP, PE, PP/microporous PE film, and the renowned DuPont™ Tyvek material, to discover how these choices can significantly impact your cleanroom operations.

  • PP (Polypropylene): Known for its exceptional strength and durability, PP offers reliable protection against particles and liquid splashes. Its lightweight nature ensures ease of movement, enhancing operator comfort during prolonged cleanroom tasks.
  • PE (Polyethylene): PE brings flexibility and comfort to the forefront. Its soft and breathable composition makes it an ideal choice for environments requiring extended wear. PE cleanroom garments ensure unhindered movement without sacrificing protection.
  • PP/microporous PE Film: The fusion of PP and microporous PE film delivers a unique combination of barrier protection and breathability. This innovative material allows heat and moisture to escape, keeping operators cool and comfortable while effectively safeguarding against contaminants.
  • DuPont™ Tyvek: A name synonymous with quality, Tyvek sets the industry standard for cleanroom apparel. Its nonwoven structure provides an outstanding barrier against particles and microorganisms, while its breathable design minimizes heat stress for operators.

Applications of Our Cleanroom Garments

STAXS® Cleanroom Garments find a natural home across diverse industries where precision and purity are paramount. Our garments excel in applications such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Safeguarding delicate drug manufacturing processes from contaminants.
  • Biotechnology: Ensuring the integrity of critical research environments and fostering reliable outcomes.
  • Electronics: Preventing particle intrusion during intricate semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Medical Devices: Upholding sterility in the production of vital medical instruments.
  • Optics: Preserving the precision of optical components during meticulous assembly.
Applications of Our Cleanroom Garments
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Sustainability Woven into Our Core

STAXS® champions sustainability – not merely a notion but a foundation. We pledge minimal environmental impact, coupled with premier cleanroom solutions. Materials, processes, and durability converge in a commitment to a verdant, responsible future.

STAXS® Second life: STAXS® embraces sustainability in its core values.
Even the DOTCH® cleanroom garments and DuPont™ Tyvek garments can find a second life.
Our STAXS® second life program offers a recycling avenue for our products, ensuring they don't end up as waste.

By choosing our Cleanroom garments, you're not just investing in your cleanroom's contamination control; you're also contributing to a cleaner, sustainable future.


Let's Collaborate

Are you ready to explore the full spectrum of STAXS® Cleanroom Garments, including innovative options like our own DOTCH® cleanroom garments and DuPont™ Tyvek? Our experts stand ready to assist you. Elevate both performance and comfort, ensuring that your cleanroom environment remains at its best. Contact us today to explore the materials that matter and discover the perfect fit for your operations.

Cleanroom excellence begins with the right materials. STAXS® – where performance meets comfort, one material at a time