VertiKlean® Mop Head Regular
Article group Mops, sponges and wipes
Article VertiKlean® Mop Head Regular
Description VertiKlean® Mop Head Regular, polyester/polyester foam, 34 g/mop, white, 21x11x3cm, double bagged, 4 pcs/inner bag, 3 inner bags/outer bag, 4 outer bags/box
Extra information - Polyester/polyester foam (34g/mop)
- High absorbency
- Compatible with solvents and disinfectants
- Knitted polyester laminated to foam
- Laser cut mop head
- Compatible with QuickConnect™ frame for VertiKlean® Regular (C-0193)
Article number C-0008
Units Box
Packaging unit Box (1   Box per Box)
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